• Wild Pistacia Oil (Bittim) Round Soap x 3 (Updated product)

    Wild Pistacia Oil (Bittim / Menengic) and Olive Oil Hand milled bars - Rebatched Rough cut - Round Soap bars - 230g This product is a new updated offer - new lower price   Usually know as Bıttım, Bittim or Menengiç Soap, Wild Pistacia & Olive Oil Soap is one of my favourite. It has a natural fruity refreshing aroma with a fabulous bubbly lather. It is touted in Turkey as having hair restoration properties. Also great for problematic and sensitive skin. These are hand milled bars to make a harder bar. They are round which some people may prefer. Wild

  • Peshtemal Hammam Light towel 100% Turkish Cotton 180g

    Peshtemal 100% Turkish Cotton Traditional Hammam Spa Beach Towel The towel is 80cm x 160cm weighing 180g. PRICE NOW INCLUDES SHIPPING DIRECT FROM TURKEY. A Peshtemal or Peştamal is a traditional flat woven Turkish towel with a hand-tied fringe, made with Turkish cotton. Peshtemal are colourful, fast drying, absorbent and an essential element of the Turkish bath experience, spa or sauna. Pestemal are used as towels, decorative throws and packable travel towels. The Peshtemal absorbs water as fast as a traditional towel, dries very quickly, takes up less space, is easy to carry and is therefore used as an alternative

  • Peshtemal Hammam Light towel 100% Turkish Cotton 180g

    Peshtemal Traditional Luxury Turkish Hammam beach towel wrap in various colours 350g We now have a new line of traditional Turkish hammam towels available to complement items used in the bathroom. Multipurpose 100% cotton Traditional Turkish Peshtemal 180cm x 100cm weighing 360g Use at the Health spa, fitness centre, after a bath/shower, down the beach, at the pool, and so on... A range of colours are available. Takes up less room than a towel, so great for saving luggage space on holiday.. Made in, and shipped from Turkey. A Peshtemal or Peştamal is a traditional flat woven Turkish towel with

  • Introducing Honey Shave and Clary Sage

    Two new products for this month: Introducing Honey Shave and Clary Sage Dried Clary Sage from our Turkish Garden completely natural - 100g bags, organically grown Latin name: Salvia sclarea Recently picked from our Garden in Turkey on the Aegean Coast. No pesticides, chemicals or any unnatural substances have been used in the growing of this lovely herb. The herb has been hand picked, washed and sun dried by us in Turkey. The sage is extremely fragrant and is one of our favourite herbs. It is fabulous as a tea or for cooking. We can send you fresh leaves if your

  • Caria soap and GDPR

    Hi, thanks for joining us for this week's blog post. First on the list is: If you do not give us specific consent first us to send you our news updates, this is going to be the last update you receive from us, unless you re-sign up again in the future. The reason for this is of us to comply with the new GDPR regulations that come into effect tomorrow (25th May 2018). So, if you find our newsletter worth of your time, please give us your permission when you receive our consent email. If you choose not to, then

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