• Introducing Honey Shave and Clary Sage

    Two new products for this month: Introducing Honey Shave and Clary Sage Dried Clary Sage from our Turkish Garden completely natural - 100g bags, organically grown Latin name: Salvia sclarea Recently picked from our Garden in Turkey on the Aegean Coast. No pesticides, chemicals or any unnatural substances have been used in the growing of this lovely herb. The herb has been hand picked, washed and sun dried by us in Turkey. The sage is extremely fragrant and is one of our favourite herbs. It is fabulous as a tea or for cooking. We can send you fresh leaves if your

  • Caria soap and GDPR

    Hi, thanks for joining us for this week's blog post. First on the list is: If you do not give us specific consent first us to send you our news updates, this is going to be the last update you receive from us, unless you re-sign up again in the future. The reason for this is of us to comply with the new GDPR regulations that come into effect tomorrow (25th May 2018). So, if you find our newsletter worth of your time, please give us your permission when you receive our consent email. If you choose not to, then

  • Caria website

    After months of burning the midnight oil, we have finally rolled out the new Caria website design. We hope the new cleaner easy to use design will make it easier to navigate the website. It should be faster and mobile and tablet friendly. Just like anything new, there may be a few teething issues to iron out. We will do our best to resolve bugs as soon as possible to ensure the website is as efficient as possible. If you have a few moments to leave your comments, then please do. If you find any issues, or have any ideas,

  • why we say no to palm oil

    Palm Oil Free Just Google: Palm Oil. You will not find much positive information, and rightly so. If you are reading this, you are most probably already aware of the reasons why we do not use Palm Oil. Palm Oil in Soap Palm oil in bar soap helps to boost the hardness of the soap as well as making it last longer. It also produces a comforting lather with medium sized bubbles. It has in all the necessary nourishment for the skin. Also, it is cheap. Palm Oil in everyday products In total, tens of millions of tons of palm

  • New Milas Bittim soap

    Introducing New Milas Bittim soap made with Wild Pistacia (Menengiç) and Olive Oil with Alfalfa Powder. Bittim (Bıttım pronounced Burturm) Castile soap traditionally comes from Siirt and Mardin in the South East of Turkey. We have long wanted to make our own to ensure the quality, size and ingredients of this traditional famous bar of soap. Luckily, our oil supplier has been able to produce this amazing bright green/yellow oil from the South of Turkey. The fruit can be dried and it is used in coffee and can be eaten and tastes a bit gritty. Menengiç coffee is lovely. Wild Pistacia or

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