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  • my made in box and caria

    This month, My Made in Turkey Box features our very own Bittim Soap together with other authentic Turkish products.  About Mymadeinbox Every two month, we select a country we want to explore in search of unique pieces you will adore receiving. Once landed in the country, we head off to local markets to find inspiration, get to know more about the local craftsmanship & meet up with independent makers. It is a real immersion within the country & its authenticity. We then source the makers we would like to work with to share their amazing experiences with you. 1 SUBSCRIPTION

  • Vintage Saving Advert I have to be honest. It is very difficult to make a shaving soap that performs like the products made by the big cosmetic companies.  They use all the chemicals under the sun to produce a long lasting foam that allows the blade to glide over your face, legs or under the arms.  They usually advertise their product as natural and use their huge advertising budgets and fancy packaging to lure traditional shavers into a purchase. This works for the majority of people, and that's fine. But what about those that want all natural products , don't

  • Reduce plastic packaging

    Can we reduce plastic packaging? Plastic packaging has been in the news a lot lately. After Blue Planet II, many people have been concerned about the amount of single use plastic that is produced and subsequently thrown away. Currently a truckload of plastic enters our oceans each and every minute where it becomes a hazard for marine wildlife and it has been found in everything from seafood to drinking water to beer and sea salt. More about this subject at the GREENPEACE website. We are actively looking at alternatives to plastic. We all have a responsibility to cut back as

  • Wild Pistacia Oil (Bittim) Round Soap x 3 (Updated product)

    Wild Pistacia Oil (Bittim / Menengic) and Olive Oil Hand milled bars - Rebatched Rough cut - Round Soap bars - 230g This product is a new updated offer - new lower price   Usually know as Bıttım, Bittim or Menengiç Soap, Wild Pistacia & Olive Oil Soap is one of my favourite. It has a natural fruity refreshing aroma with a fabulous bubbly lather. It is touted in Turkey as having hair restoration properties. Also great for problematic and sensitive skin. These are hand milled bars to make a harder bar. They are round which some people may prefer. Wild

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