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  • Caria natural soap UK

    Some Wonderful News We have joined forces with Porehouse Ltd to bring you Caria Natural Soap delivered within the UK. Delivery rates from £3.502 day or next day delivery service.No import duties to worry about. All soaps registered with a Cosmetic Safety Report Order direct from Shop at Caria Natural Soap UK Shipping Regular customs will know the battle we have had with the Turkish postal system. In the last two years we have suffered severe disruption to our worldwide deliveries due to unclear and inept PTT postage guidelines. We rose above this and selected DHL to be our shipping


    We make natural soap Yes we make natural soap, so why have we not just gone onto make organic soap?I guess it boils down to "rules and regulations" and "cost" really. We sell our soap in Turkey, Europe, the U.S., Canada and just about everywhere else on this planet. The laws vary, and certification costs a lot of money, especially if we want to be able to label our soaps organic everywhere.We set out to make "natural handmade soap" without Palm Oil, chemicals or artificial colourings or aromas. We have succeeded in our quest. We use as many local ingredients

  • Olive oil without cruelty

    How are Olives harvested? Since ancient times up to modern days, olive harvesting methods have remained approximately the same. The majority of olive harvesting is still done in the traditional way. The technological development is slower in this field due to the fact that agriculture is a seasonal job. The harvesting of olives, in Turkey, begins at the end of September and lasts about a couple of months, being dependent on the season and the weather conditions. With traditional harvesting, a number of people are needed per olive tree. This process consists of setting down a large tarpaulin on the

  • Caria soap free shipping

    Free shipping is the norm these days, but there is a difference between free shipping and shipping included in the price. However, it is difficult to offer free shipping on small orders internationally. Our shipping offer is part of the discounts available with larger orders from a number of international locations. We hope to expand the selection over time. We are setting up distribution in the UK to best service our customer there. We are also aiming to offer more cost effective distribution in the U.S. and throughout Europe for smaller orders. GOOD NEWS We are offering free shopping for

  • Soap now in Kraft paper bags

    Responsibility Each and everyone of us should be thinking about how we can help reduce our environmental impact on our planet. We use resources to produce our soap, but we need to be as responsible as possible in the process. Thinking how sustainable our product can be. As it is, our products are all made from natural ingredients, but we need to package the soap bars. We have been using printed cardboard boxes, but we felt we could do more to improve. Boxes are recyclable, and biodegradable, but they are quite heavy, and thick. We have chosen a light, food


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